ISMB 2021 - Main Conference Event
Virtual Event
July 26 - 27, 2021
IEEE VIS 2021 - Workshop
Virtual Event
October 25, 2021
Important Dates
ISMB COSI Date: July 26 - 27, 2021
ISMB Proceedings Paper Submission Deadline: January 28, 2021
ISMB Talk Submission Deadline: May 6, 2021
ISMB Poster Submission Deadline: May 6, 2021
See ISMB Key Dates for more details

The BioVis meetings are intended to educate, inspire, and engage visualization researchers in problems in biological data visualization, as well as bioinformatics and biology researchers in state-of-the-art visualization research

There are multiple ways to participate in BioVis through conferences and ongoing events. This year, the main BioVis event will be at ISMB as a Community of Special Interest (COSI) in July 26 - 27, 2021 in Virtual Event. A smaller workshop event will be held at IEEE VIS in October 25, 2021 in Virtual Event. These events serve as a platform for researchers from biology, bioinformatics, and information visualization fields to increase the impact of data visualization approaches in biology, and to initiate interdisciplinary collaborations. Get involved in our events at a conference or challenge (or all three!). Important dates for submissions are available below, and on the detailed pages for each event.



BioVis 2021 is an official part of ISMB 2021