Open Access BioVis Proceedings are Available

The proceeding of BioVis 2013 are available in the IEEE Digital Library, freely accessible for everyone!

You can browse previous BioVis proceedings here.

Looking Ahead: BioVis 2014

With the succesful closing of BioVis 2013 it is time to look forward. BioVis 2014 is moving to a new venue: ISMB, which will be held July 11-15 in Boston, USA. More information will be available soon! 

BioVis 2013 Awards

Best Paper:
Johannes Sorger, Katja Baehler, Florian Schulze, Tianxiao Liu, Barry Dickson
Best Paper Honorable Mention:
Keqin Wu, Jian Chen, William Pruett, Robert Hester
Best Poster:
Richard Kreisberg, Ryan Bressler, Sheila Reynolds, Brady Bernard, Ilya Shmulevich
Data Contest Winner:
Visual Analysis of Protein Sequence Mutations with RINalyzer - A BioVis Contest Contribution
Nadezhda T. Doncheva, Karsten Klein, John H. Morris, Francisco S. Domingues, Michael Wybrow, Mario Albrecht
Data Contest - Vis Experts' Pick:
Fixing TIM: Identifying Functional Mutations in Protein Families through the Interactive Exploration of Sequence and Structural Data
John Wenskovitch, Timothy Luciani, Koonwah Chen, G. Elisabeta Marai
Data Contest - Biology Experts' Pick:
VERMONT: Visualizing mutations and their effects on protein physicochemical and topological property conservation
Sabrina A. Silveira, Flavia F. Aburjaile, Valdete M. Goncalves-Almeida, Yussif Barcelos, Elisa B. de Lima, Laerte M. Rodrigues, Wagner Meira Jr., Raquel C. de Melo-Minardi
Data Contest - Honorable Mentions:
Mu-8: Visualizing Differences between a Protein and its Family 
John Mercer, Balaji Pandian, Nicolas Bonneel, Alexander Lex, and Hanspeter Pfister
Visualizing Sequence Conservation in Protein Families
Ryo Sakai and Jan Aerts
Seeing the results of a mutation with a vertex-­‐weighted hierarchical graph
Debra Knisley and Jeff Knisley
JprofileGrid Facilitates Visual Exploration of dTIM Mutations within the Context of a Family Alignment
Alberto Roca
Redesign Contest Winner: 
Redesigning the traditional logo plots 
Heike Hofmann
Redesign Contest Honorable Mentions:
Redesign of sequence logos
Ryo Sakai
Sequence bundles 
Marek Kultys, James King, Lydia Nicholas


BioVis Feedback

BioVis is about to start and we hope everyone enjoys the Symposium. 

Please let us know what you liked or where we could improve BioVis by filling out our feedback form!

Program online!

The program of this year's BioVis is now online. Also check out our invited speakers

Registration Open

Registration for BioVis 2013 is open! As BioVis is co-located with IEEE VIS registration is handled through the VIS channels. To register for VIS (including BioVis) go here. Remember to register before Sunday, September 8th, to be eligible for the early bird registration fees.

Data Contest Submissions Open

Data Contest Submissions are now open!

To submit your work, please upload a brief "abstract" description of your entry, your (up to) 4-page "answer" to the contest challenge, and a presentation demonstrating your approach, to the PrecisionConference submission site at:

Remember - Anything from a full answer to the contest challenge, down to design suggestions for how to represent particular properties of the proteins, that could be used to answer the contest questions, is a valid entry.

We've found a venue to publish these, and BMC Bioinformatics is enthusiastic about soliciting a best-of collection from the contest, but you've got to enter to take advantage of these opportunities.

Get your entry in the door by August 2nd to participate!

Submission system open for poster and redesign contest submissions

Posters, data contest and redesign contest entires can be submitted until August 2.
The submission system for data contest submissions will open soon.

Data Contest and Redesign Contest

This year BioVis 2013 offers participants the chance to engage in two contests. The contests are related, but independent, and will be judged with different criteria in mind. You can discuss the contests in the forum.

There is significant synergy between these topics. Every Redesign Contest entry is likely to be based in interesting design decisions, elucidation of which would make a good design-study entry for the Data Contest. Likewise, every Data Contest entry is likely to create images that are significant improvements over the original figure provided for improvement by the Redesign Contest.

We encourage participants to leverage their efforts by submitting entries to both contests. There will be significant opportunities for publication through both venues.

Data Challenge Contest

Identifying Protein Mutations and Their Discovering Their Effect on Function.

Can protein mutations be segregated by their impact on function? The data challenge contest asks you to develop a method to aid the working bio/life-sciences researcher in identifying important mutations within a larger set in a protein, provide biophysical insight into why those mutations affect function, and potentially suggest additional modifications to the protein that could be used to rescue functionality.

The contest admits entries of varied scope: from comprehensive solutions to focused treatments on specific parts of the problem. Visualization should play a central role in your proposal.

Redesign Contest

Challenging the Sequence Logo.

The redesign contest recognizes the importance of effective encodings and clear visual communication in display of complex quantitative information. It gives participants the opportunity to develop a practical replacement to the long-standing convention of sequence logos.

VIZBI 2013

Our partner-conference VIZBI is coming up. 
VIZBI will be held from March 20-22, 2013 at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, USA.
Take a look at their website!:

BioVis Promotional Slide

If you would like to promote BioVis at a related conference we have prepared a slide summarizing all possible forms of contribution. 

Download PDF | Download PNG

Call for Participation

The call for participation is available online.

Contest Data and Description Available.

The data as well as the description of the 2013 BioVis contest is available. View the contest pages to understand this year's dataset and get the dataset through our forum (registration required).


The rapidly expanding application of experimental high-throughput and high-resolution methods in biology is creating enormous challenges for the visualization of biological data. To address these challenges, researchers in the visualization and bioinformatics communities need to engage in the design, implementation, application, and evaluation of novel visualization techniques and tools that provide insight into large and highly complex data sets.

BioVis 2013 - the 3rd IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization - aims at bringing together researchers from the visualization, bioinformatics, and biology communities to establish an interdisciplinary dialogue and to promote the sharing of expertise, between both meeting participants and the communities at large.

The meeting is intended to educate, inspire, and engage visualization researchers in problems in biological data visualization, as well as bioinformatics and biology researchers in state-of-the-art visualization research. The symposium will serve as a platform for researchers from these fields to increase the impact of data visualization approaches in biology. The breadth and diversity of biological research topic areas will enable researchers from all parts of the visualization and bioinformatics communities to contribute to this effort and the symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to initiate interdisciplinary collaborations. 

BioVis 2013 will be taking place on 13-14 October 2013 in October 2013 in Atlanta, GA and will be co-located with IEEE VIS 2013. IEEE VIS is the premier forum for visualization advances for academia, government, and industry, bringing together researchers and practitioners with a shared interest in tools, techniques, technology, and theory. 

Registration for BioVis 2013 requires registration for IEEE VIS.

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