Sunday October 13th
8:30 Welcome & Keynote Session
Scientific Publishing in a Technological Age

Daniel Evanko
10:10 Coffee Break

Paper Talks 1 - Visualizing Sequence and Omics Data
Chair: Alexander Lex

Primer Talk*: Sequence and Omics Data
Cydney Nielsen

invis: Exploring High-dimensional Sequence Space from In Vitro Selection
Cagatay Demiralp, Eric Hayden, Jeff Hammerbacher, Jeffrey Heer

Large-Scale Multiple Sequence Alignment Visualization through Gradie
Khoa Tan Nguyen, Timo Ropinski

COMBat: Visualizing co-occurrence of annotation terms
Remko van Brakel, Mark Fiers, Christof Francke, Michel Westenberg, Huub van de Wetering

12:00 Lunch Break

Paper Talks 2 - Visualizing Cellular and Molecular Data
Chair: Jan Aerts

Primer Talk*: Cellular and Molecular Data
Tom Ferrin

Robust Detection and Visualization of Cytoskeletal Structures in Fibrillar Scaffolds from 3-Dimensional Confocal Images
Do Young Park, Desiree Jones, Nicanor I. Moldovan, Raghu Machiraju, Thierry Pecot
PresentaBALL - a Powerful Package for Presentations and Lessons in Structural Biology
Stefan Nickels, Daniel Stackel, Sabine C. Mueller, Hans-Peter Lenhof, Andreas Hildebrandt, Anna Katharina Dehof
From Biochemical Reaction Networks to 3D Dynamics in the Cell: the ZigCell3D Modeling, Simulation and Visualisation Framework
Pablo de Heras CiechomskiMichael Klann, Robin Mange,  Heinz Koeppl
The Molecular Control Toolkit: controlling 3D molecular graphics via gesture and voice
Kenneth Sabir, Christian Stolte, Bruce Tabor, Sean O'Donoghue
15:40 Coffee Break

Poster Session
Chairs: Cydney Nielsen and Robert Kincaid 

 18:00 BioVis/LDAV Reception
  Monday October 14th

Paper Talks 3 - Visualizing Networks and Interactions
Chair: Miriah Meyer

Primer Talk*: Networks and Interactions 
Seán O'Donoghue

MoClo Planner: Interactive Visualization for Modular Cloning Bio-Design
Orit Shaer, Consuelo Valdes, Sirui Liu, Kara Lu, Traci Haddock, Swapnil Bhatia, Douglas Densmore, Robert Kincaid
VisNEST - Interactive Analysis of Neural Activity Data
Christian Nowke, Maximilian Schmidt, Sacha J, van Albada, Jochen M. Eppler, Rembrandt Bakker, Markus Diesmann, Bernd Hentschel, Torsten Kuhlen
neuroMap - Interactive Graph-Visualization of the Fruit Fly's Neural Circuit
Johannes Sorger, Katja Baehler, Florian Schulze, Tianxiao Liu, Barry Dickson
Genome-wide detection of sRNA targets with rNAV
Jonathan Dubois, Amine Ghozlane, Patricia Thabault, Isabelle Dutour, Romain Bourqui
10:10 Coffee Break

Paper Talks 4 - Visualizing Population and Function
Chair: Martin Krzywinski

Primer Talk*: Population and Function
Gregory Carter

Leveraging Wall-sized High-Resolution Displays for Comparative Genomics Analyses of Copy Number Variation
Roy Ruddle, Waleed Fateen, Darren Treanor, Peter Sondergeld, Phil Quirke
HumMod Browser: An Exploratory Visualization Tool for the Analysis of Whole-Body Physiology Simulation Data
Keqin Wu, Jian Chen, William Pruett, Robert Hester
Visual Cleaning of Genotype Data
Jessie Kennedy, Martin Graham, Trevor Paterson, Andy Law
12:00 Lunch Break

Contests Session

Data Contest
Chair: Will Ray 

Fixing TIM: Identifying Functional Mutations in Protein Families through the Interactive Exploration of Sequence and Structural Data
John Wenskovitch, Timothy Luciani, Koonwah Chen, and G. Elisabeta Marai

Visual Analysis of Protein Sequence Mutations with RINalyzer - A BioVis Contest Contribution
Nadezhda T. Doncheva, Karsten Klein, John H. Morris, Francisco S. Domingues, Michael Wybrow, and Mario Albrecht

Mu-8: Visualizing Differences between a Protein and its Family 
John Mercer, Balaji Pandian, Nicolas Bonneel, Alexander Lex, and Hanspeter Pfister

Visualizing Sequence Conservation in Protein Families
Ryo Sakai and Jan Aerts

Seeing the results of a mutation with a vertex-­â€weighted hierarchical graph
Debra Knisley and Jeff Knisley

VERMONT: Visualizing mutations and their effects on protein physicochemical and topological property conservation
Sabrina A. Silveira, Flavia F. Aburjaile, Valdete M. Goncalves-Almeida, Yussif Barcelos, Elisa B. de Lima, Laerte M. Rodrigues, Wagner Meira Jr. and Raquel C. de Melo-Minardi

Introduction to the 2014 Contest - Resting State FMRI
Jason Bohland

Redesign Contest
Chair: Martin Krzywinski

Redesigning the traditional logo plots
Heike Hofmann
Sequence Bundles
Marek Kultys
Redesign of sequence logos
Ryo Sakai
15:40 Coffee Break

Challenges Session
Chairs: Michel Westenberg and Sean O’Donoghue

Engaging today’s genomics resources
Ting Wang

Tools for Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Complex Biological Structures
Tom Ferrin

17:30 Awards Ceremony & Closing Remarks (until 5:55 pm)

* All paper sessions start with a Primer Talk to introduce the biological background and major domain challenges that are relevant to the papers presented in that session. Primer Talks are aimed at a general audience to make the BioVis paper presentations more accessible to visualization researchers without a background in biology.