Call for Participation (BioVis@VIS)

Additional details for BioVis@VIS 2017 will be announced soon. In the meantime check out last year's event BioVis@VIS, and our future event co-located with ISMB 2017

  1. Aims and Scope
  2. Topics

Aims and Scope

The rapidly expanding field of biology creates enormous challenges for data visualization techniques that enable researchers to gain insight from their large and highly complex data sets.

The BioVis Interest Group organizes the interdisciplinary event BioVis, covering all aspects of visualization in biology. This workshop brings together researchers from the visualization, bioinformatics, and biology communities with the purpose of educating, inspiring, and engaging visualization researchers in problems in biological data visualization as well as bioinformatics and biology researchers in state-of-the-art visualization research.

We invite submissions of original research articles, poster submissions, as well as submissions for data visualization and redesign contests. Paper and Contest submissions can only be submitted to the BioVis workshop at VIS.


We invite contributions on all aspects of data visualization in biology, from molecular to cell, tissue, organism and population biology. Suggested topics for paper and poster submissions include, but are not limited to: