Data is available inside the enclosure of a password controlled forum which is available here.

The data consists of the sequence of a functionally defective triosephosphate isomerase mutant (dTIM) (248 residues) , the S. cerevisiae triosephosphate isomerase (scTIM) parent of our defective TIM (also 248 residues), the structure of scTIM (to which dTIM appears similar), raw sequences of all other known TIMs (1.4Mb of sequences), and a hand-curated alignment provided by our domain experts, of the structural core of the TIM family members they consider to be the most relevant, and from which dTIM was designed.
Structures for other TIMs can be downloaded from the RCSB Protein Data Bank at by searching for "TIM".
Our domain scientists will monitor the forum closely to answer questions about the data, and also to provide instructions and advice for applying several types of additional analyses to these data, in the contest forum.