Contest Submission

Submissions consist of several parts, including: (1) a 250-word abstract; (2) a 2-page extended abstract describing the problem, your approach and results, suitable for evaluating the extendability of the entry into a full manuscript; (3) up to 4 additional free-text pages, summarizing your answer to the challenge, and methods/approach for producing the answer; and (4) a presentation (self-running PowerPoint, Keynote, or movie) demonstrating your approach and/or further explaining your entry.
Answers related to Task 2 (matching the 30 test networks to corresponding contest subject networks) should be provided in a text file containing 30 lines (one per test network) with the following format:
Supplementary material ranging from runnable demos in virtualbox images, through published manuscripts, is highly encouraged. Submissions dealing with any aspect of the challenge are encouraged. Data Analysis Contest entries could include, but are not limited to:
complete answers to the specific data analysis contest questions
partial answers to discrete aspects of the questions
tools that address all, or part of the questions, or similar questions in the domain
design studies that argue for better representations for the problem, or answer
All accepted entries will be eligible for presentation at the symposium, either as short podium talks, or as data analysis contest poster or demo presentations. Data Analysis Contest entries deemed to make significant contributions will be invited to submit a manuscript to the thematic series on Biological Data Visualization of the journal BMC Bioinformatics, either as individual submissions, or as collaborative works collecting topically related submissions, at the recommendation of the judges. By submitting a Data Analysis Contest entry to BioVis, contestants license the submitted materials to BioVis for dissemination and/or use in BioVis promotional materials.
The submission deadline for Data Contest entries is May 1, 2014.  Entries should be submitted via email to  Notification of acceptance will occur on or before June 1, 2014.