Primers and Challenge Speakers announced.

Published May 2, 2016

Eamonn Maguire

We’re delighted to announce our primer and challenges speakers this year for BioVis @ IEEE VIS.


Dr. Pierre Dragicevic from INRIA, France

Dr. Dragicevic will speak about the communication of statistical information which aligns nicely with our design contest topic this year on the communication of bayesian statistics. Pierre gave a magnificant talk on the (mis)communication of statistical information at IEEE VIS 2014 in Paris and we’re excited to have him speak at BioVis this year!


Details coming soon…


We wanted to focus this year on the challenges faced in metagenomics research and how visualization both is and could be used to solve analytics challenges.

While metagenomics is a continually growing field with projects such as the Earth and Human Microbiome projects making great strides to cataloging the variety of microbial populations that exist in the sea, earth, human gut, skin, etc. the visualization challenges are both plentiful and exciting. As such, we are delighted to invite Dr. Eric Fanzosa from the Harvard School of Public Health who will be speaking about metagenomics, current visualization techniques, and challenges both now and in the future in visualizing this data.

Dr. Eric Fanzosa from the Harvard School of Public Health, USA

As such, we’re delighted to have Dr. Fanzosa from the Harvard School of Public Health speak about his research in the Huttenhower lab who focus largely on metagenomics data analysis.