4:00 - 4:15: Introduction (Eamonn and Ryo)

4:18 - 4:28: Florence Wang

4:31 - 4:41: Dan Tulpan

4:44 - 4:49: Alyssa Tsiros

4:52 - 4:57: Peter Kerpedjiev


Talk + Poster presentations:


Visualizing ncRNA Structural Evolution

Author: Alyssa Tsiros, Lane Harrison

Affiliation: Worcester Polytechnic Institute


The Circular Secondary Structure Uncertainty Plot (CS2-UPlot) -Visualizing RNA Secondary Structure with Base Pair Binding

Author: Dan Tulpan

Affiliation: National Research Council Canada


RNA-SequenLens for Visualizing RNA Secondary Structures

Authors: Florence Ying Wang, Arnaud Sallaberry, and Mathieu Roche

Affiliation: LIRMM & Universite de Montpellier


Visualizing Ensembles of Predicted RNA Structures and Their Base Pairing Probabilities

Authors:Peter Kerpedjiev and Ivo Hofacker

Affiliation: University of Vienna


Poster presentation:


Visualizing RNA Secondary Structure Base Pair Binding Probabilities using Nested Concave Hulls

Authors: Joris Sansen, Romain Bourqui, Patricia Thebault, Julien Allali, and David Auber

Affiliation: Universit´e de Bordeaux


Other contest entries:


Visualizing RNA Secondary Structure Base Pair Probabilities

Authors: William K. Jannen and Daniel P. Aalberts

Affiliations: Stony Brook University, and Williams College.


Visualizing Uncertainty of RNA Sequence Base Pairing Variants

Authors: Fleur Jeanquartier, Claire Jean-Quartier and Andreas Holzinger

Affiliation: Research Unit HCI-KDD, Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation, Medical University Graz