DeskGen | A novel platform for CRISPR gene editing

Kristian Kancleris, Victor Dillard, Riley Doyle, Edward Perello, Leigh Brody, Joseph Wolanski, Matt Couch, Neil Humphreys, Ben Corser

In this work we present a novel interactive approach to facilitate CRISPR genome editing. Our application combines extensive guide RNA (gRNA) visualisation and scoring tools with the information-rich environment of a genome browser. The application simultaneously displays data for: genes, transcripts, exons, introns, transcription start sites, gRNAs, PAM sites, on-target activity scores and off-target activity data. Our application was built through ethnographic study of gene editing scientists, and is the first tool that has been purpose-built to visualise all of the information necessary for a scientist to make an informed decision on a CRISPR gene editing strategy.

BioVis 2015 Information