Paper Submission Info (BioVis@VIS)

General Information

Submissions consist of a complete manuscript describing high quality research. Accepted manuscripts will be presented orally at the workshop. BioVis 2016 will feature the publication of the accepted manuscripts in two categories: (1) highest quality papers will be published in a BMC Bioinformatics Supplement, (2) those papers that feature high quality but are not accepted for BMC Bioinformatics will be published in BMC Proceedings.

Paper Submission Categories

Three categories of paper are invited BioVis 2016 (details below). Your manuscript may include elements of more than one of these categories.

Please see the Call for Participation for further details about topics of interest.

Regardless of the category, all BioVis papers are expected to start with a description of the biological context and motivation provide sufficient biological and visualization background end with a discussion where the biological relevance of the paper is discussed.

Important Dates

1-page IEEE Abstract submission: April 29, 2016

BMC submission: May 6, 2016

Author Notification: June 27, 2016

Revised Manuscript Submission: July 21, 2016

Author Notification (Second Review Cycle): August 23, 2016

Camera Ready Submission: TBD


Authors are required to submit a 500-word abstract due Apr 29th, followed by an extended BMC paper due May 6th. Note that due to copyright regulations, the abstract text must be completely different from the full paper text (including the paper abstract.)

Please format your submission according to the instructions for BMC Bioinformatics manuscripts, however please keep in mind that your submission to BioVis needs to be submitted to PCS (see below) and not BMC.

Please use the following two-column, LaTeX template: BioVis_latex.tar. Word submissions are also acceptable.

Please follow the BioVis instructions whenever they disagree with the BMC instructions (e.g., inline images). For those more familiar with the IEEE VIS templates, at BMC Related work typically belongs to the Background section; or in the discussion section under Results. Algorithms, System Design descriptions etc. typically belong to Methods.

Submission should be 8-12 pages long in the two-column format provided above.

BioVis uses the Precision Conference System (PCS) to handle its submission and reviewing process. PCS is available at When submitting your manuscript please make sure that you submit it to BioVis 2016 by clicking the appropriate header in the conference system landing page.