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BioVis Meetup #4: Surgery visualizations: leveraging AI in the healthcare setting

We are pleased to announce BioVis #4!


Join us Tuesday Sept 27th at 4:30pm Berlin / 3:30 pm London / 10:30am East Coast US / 7:30 am California /


Stefanie Speidel - Prof. Translational Surgery, NCT-UCC at the University Hospital Dresden/Germany Human-machine collaboration in surgery - how visualization can benefit the patient.

Attention: meetup takes place 30 min earlier than usual!

###Abstract Increasingly powerful technological developments in surgery such as modern operating rooms (OR), featuring digital and interconnected as well as robotic devices provide a huge amount of valuable data which can be used to improve patient therapy. Although a lot of data is available, the human ability to use these possibilities especially in a complex and time-critical situation such as surgery is limited and is extremely dependent on the experience of the surgical staff. In this talk, Stefanie Spidel presents her recent research regarding AI-assisted surgery with a specific focus on visualization for intraoperative assistance. Several examples to optimize the therapy of the individual patient by turning the available data into useful information are given, including context-aware assistance via augmented reality. Finally, remaining challenges and strategies to overcome them are discussed.


Zoom link Meeting ID: 860 7864 3977 Passcode: T3ht0M#!

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Stefanie Speidel
September 27, 2022 with Stefanie Speidel
Surgery visualizations: leveraging AI in the healthcare setting

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