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BioVis Meetup #3: A pandemic of bad charts

We are excited to host Martin Krzywinski (@MKrzywinski). Check Martin’s website for inspiration.


Join us on Tuesday, 24nd of May at 5pm Berlin / 4 pm London / 11am East Coast US / 8 am California / (recording available)


Recording is available on YouTube


Without good practices in data exploration, we cannot have answers. Without good visualization design practices, we cannot have good explanations of these answers. Good answers and good visual explanations inform us. In a pandemic, they save us.

Through redesigning pandemic data visualizations from the media, I’ll demonstrate easy-to-follow practical guidelines that will help you untangle your complex charts and clarify your explanations.


Martin Krzywinski is known for his work in bioinformatics, data visualization and the interface of science and art. He applies design, both data and artistic, to assist discovery, explanation and engagement with scientific data and concepts. His information graphics have appeared in the New York Times, Wired, and Scientific American and on covers of numerous books and scientific journals such as Science and Nature. He is the co-author of Nature Method’s Points of View and Points of Significance columns and the former owner of the world’s most popular rat.

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