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BioVis Meetup #6: Communicating Scientific Concepts Through Art

We are pleased to announce BioVis Meetup #6!


Join us Jan 31 at 5 pm Berlin / 4 pm London / 11am East Coast US / 8 am California /

Communicating Scientific Concepts Through Art with Beata Edyta Mierzwa, PhD - Molecular Biologist and Science Artist, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and UC San Diego and “Beata Science Art”

Abstract: Creativity is an integral part of both science and art, and using it to combine these two seemingly different disciplines creates unique and effective ways to communicate scientific information, both inside and outside the scientific community. Along my classical academic career path, I have been exploring the visual aspect of science communication using hand-drawn illustrations, science fashion, and interactive media. My drawings aim to convey complex biological concepts using both abstract imagery and real scientific data. Each illustration requires breaking down the essence of scientific findings and translating them into aesthetic visuals using metaphors that describe complex biological processes in intuitive ways. This form of visualization provides a powerful tool to facilitate communication between researchers from diverse fields, spark fascination and curiosity for science, as well as inspire our next generation of scientists. In this talk, I will share my journey towards combining science and art, highlight the impact of artistic practices on my own research and communication, and discuss avenues for scientists to explore this emerging field.


Zoom link: Meeting ID: 860 7864 3977 Passcode: T3ht0M#!

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Beata Edyta Mierzwa
January 31, 2023 with Beata Edyta Mierzwa
Communicating Scientific Concepts Through Art

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