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All BioVis sessions except the poster viewing will take place in Ballroom C on the 2nd Floor. Posters will be set up in the 2nd Floor Foyer. The VisWeek program contains a map of the location.

08:30 Welcome & Keynote Session
Christof Koch: Project MindScope
10:10 Coffee Break

Paper Talks 1 - Neurobiology
Chair: Hans-Christian Hege

Neurobiology Primer Talk*: Christopher Bartlett, The Ohio State University, USA

Interactive Extraction of Neural Structures with User-Guided Morphological Diffusion

INCIDE the Brain of a Bee: Visualising Honeybee Brain Activity in Real Time by Semantic Segmentation
Towards real-time visualization of detailed neural tissue models: view  frustum culling for parallel rendering
Visualization of Serial Electron Microscopy Images Using Local Variance

12:10 Lunch Break

Paper Talks 2 - Systems Biology and Omics Data
Chair: Larry Hunter

Systems Biology and Omics Data Primer Talk*: Cydney Nielsen, British Columbia Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre, Canada

MaTSE: The Microarray Time-Series Explorer
Gene-RiViT: A visualization tool for comparative analysis of gene neighborhoods in prokaryotes
ADVISe: Visualizing the dynamics of enzyme annotations in  UniProt/SwissProt
Heterogeneity-based Guidance for Exploring Multiscale Data in Systems Biology

03:40 Coffee Break

Poster Talks & Poster Fast Forwards
Chairs: Cydney Nielsen and Robert Kincaid 

StratomeX: Enabling Visualization-Driven Cancer Subtype Analysis
Visualization and Exploration of 3D Toponome Data
compreheNGSive: A Tool for Exploring Next-Gen Sequencing Variants
MedSavant: Visual Analytics for Genetic Variation Datasets

05:30 Break
06:00 Poster Session and Reception (until 7:30)

Paper Talks 3 - Cellular Data
Chair: Lars Linsen

Cellular Data Primer Talk*: Larry Hunter, University of Colorado, USA

mzRepeat: Visual Analysis of Lipids in Mass Spectrometry
Epithelial Cell Reconstruction and Visualization of the Developing Drosophila Wing Imaginal Disc
Similarity Analysis of Cell Movements in Video Microscopy
Visualizing Cells and their Connectivity Graphs for CompuCell3D

10:10 Coffee Break

Paper Talks 4 - Biomolecular Data and Pathways
Chair: Kay Nieselt

Biomolecular Data and Pathways Primer Talk*:  Igor Jurisica, Ontario Cancer Institute, Canada

Dynamic Channels in Biomolecular Systems: Path Analysis and Visualization
Uncertainty-Aware Visual Analysis of Biochemical Reaction Networks

enRoute: Dynamic Path Extraction from Biological Pathway Maps for In-Depth Experimental Data Analysis
Implicit Surfaces for Interactive Graph Based Cavity Analysis of Molecular Simulations

12:10 Lunch Break
02:00 Contest  and Community Session
03:40 Coffee Break
04:15 Challenges Session
Inna Dubchak: Key Challenges with Genome & Population Data
Valerie Daggett: Key Challenges with Visualising Macromolecules
05:30 Awards Ceremony & Closing Remarks (until 5:55 pm)

* All paper sessions start with a Primer Talk to introduce the biological background and major domain challenges that are relevant to the papers presented in that session. Primer Talks are aimed at a general audience to make the BioVis paper presentations more accessible to visualization researchers without a background in biology.